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Principal's Corner


Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the 2019 -20 school year. Thank you for choosing to send your child to our school. It is exciting to be able to partner with you in the educational process.

Obviously, we here at Desert View Intermediate School are committed to growing our students academically. Our goal is to stretch them daily with engaging and academically challenging lessons and activities. This is however, not our only goal. We also want to help them grow and mature their character, their grit, their determination, their endurance, their love for learning, and their care and empathy for others. In other words we want to partner with you in creating quality leaders whose good character is reflected in all they do.

Additionally, we are focused on continuing to make improvements in instruction and other programs for the benefit of our students. Over the past school year staff members went through the process of identifying our strengths and areas for growth. We then used this information to create our Integrated Action Plan (IAP). This plan is our framework for bringing about significant change in the upcoming school year. Some of our areas of focus are: increasing intentionality and differentiation in our planning and instruction; curriculum alignment across the grade levels (including 2nd and 6th grade); improving our family and community engagement.

The foundation of academic success is built upon positive family-school relationships. You are welcome to visit your child's classroom and to volunteer to help here at the school. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Please know that we at Desert View Intermediate take our responsibilities to you and your child seriously. We want your child to be successful and are committed to doing everything within our power to make that a reality.


 Ahéheeʼ ,

Thank you,

Rich Van Nostrand Signature

Rich Van Nostrand 
Principal, Desert View Intermediate