Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing a safe, well-rounded experience that motivates, challenges, and supports all students academically, socially, and emotionally.

Vision Statement:

Desert View Bobcats are self-motivated, lifelong learners who strive to be responsible and productive global citizens through creative problem solving and by advocating for themselves and others.

Our School

We are delighted to share information about our school, district, and our many successes. We are a part of the Page Unified School District in Page, Arizona. We proudly serve students in third through fifth grade.

The faculty, staff, and parent community of Desert View Intermediate is dedicated to the goal of improving academic achievement and in providing outstanding educational opportunities for all of our students. Desert View Intermediate School is a safe, caring community where everyone is a partner in celebrating learning, diversity and the self-worth of each individual. Our community promotes excellence in literacy and character development.

Making all of our school goals possible are our dedicated administrators, teachers, and support staff. If you need to contact any of our teachers or administrators, you can reach them by calling the main office numbers included below. If you need to speak to a teacher during class times, we'll put your call through to the teacher's voice mail and they will return your call when they become available.

Main Office Number: (928) 608-4156

We follow these Collective Commitments...

Supportive: We will provide a supportive school atmosphere where everyone feels academically, socially, and emotionally safe.

Student-Centered: We will seek to understand the social emotional needs of our students in order to provide a student-centered experience, recognizing and responding to individual differences to ensure our students grow into self directed learners.

Positive: We will demonstrate positivity by modeling kindness, understanding, integrity, and respect to all, and we will strive to instill these qualities in our students.

Collaborative: We will collaborate with each other by sharing, listening, and reaching and following consensus, focusing on the achievement of our students.

Trusting: We will collectively work towards common goals, learning from others and entrusting that everyone is working individually toward that goal.

Adaptable: We will reflect on our current practices with a willingness to change or adapt based on the needs of our students.