What if my child must be absent?

We hope parents will let their children know how important regular and prompt attendance is to their education. However, if your child must be absent, you will want to call the school office before 9:00 a.m. at (928) 608-4156 and let us know about the absence, and you will need to provide a note explaining the reason for the absence on the first day of your child's return. The school office, whenever possible, will attempt to call the parents or guardians of children whose names are on the student absentee list if a prior phone call has not been received from the parent regarding the absence.
Is there recognition for students with good attendance?

Yes. Each quarter, those students who have perfect attendance or 96% accumulative attendance will be recognized and rewarded.
If I need to check my student out of school early (or need someone else to do that for me), what is the procedure?

Your child's safety, while they are entrusted into our care, is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Therefore, we have put some procedures in place that each school will follow:

I. Individuals authorized to assume custody of a student during school will be listed on the student's information sheet kept in the office. Students will not be released to any person other than those authorized in writing, by the parent or guardian. (Law enforcement officers are not bound by this provision).

II. During the school day, no student will be released to any authorized adult in any place other than the school building office. Those seeking custody of a student must check into the office. The student may not be picked up at any other place.

III. Adults listed by the parent, or custodian, on the authorization form, must be prepared to identify themselves with a photo I.D., in the event that their identity is not readily determined by school personnel.

IV. All teachers and aides will be instructed to direct all parents, or others wishing custody of a student, to the office where the request will be made to the appropriate staff member.

V. Students cannot be picked up from the bus ramp or taken off the bus. All change requests to normal routine must be made with the office before 2:30 p.m.
When can I expect to receive my child's report card?

Report cards help to inform students and parents of the student's progress for the previous nine week period. You will receive your child's report card during Parent/Teacher conferences at the end of the first and third quarter, and during the second and fourth quarter expect your child to bring home his/her report card.
If I need to speak with my child's teacher, how can I contact him/her?

Our teachers are conducting classes from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. We will transfer phone calls from the office to teacher voice mails, not directly to the teacher. You can dial (928) 608-4156, and you will be transferred to his/her voice mail. Teachers will be checking their voice mail at 2:45 p.m. each day.

All teachers also have an e-mail address, and you can find these on the Staff page.
What are the bus rules?

Whether your child rides the bus to school or simply on a field trip, there are certain rules that they are expected to follow in order to enjoy the privilege of riding the bus. We hope that parents will reinforce these rules with their children so that their bus privileges are not jeopardized.

Bus rules include:

Rule 1 - Each child must stay seated, facing forward, aisle clear.
Rule 2 - Each child must keep their hands and other objects to himself/herself.
Rule 3 - Each child must keep their voice at a conversational tone.
Rule 4 - Each child must cooperate with the bus driver at all times.
What meal programs are available at Desert View Intermediate?

All Page schools offer breakfast and lunch programs. Families interested in applying for free or reduced cost meals should obtain an application from the Desert View school cafeteria or directly from the Food and Nutrition Accounting office (next to the Page High School cafeteria), where it can be approved immediately. Children who qualify for the lunch program also qualify for breakfast.

Our school cafeteria serves breakfast and hot lunches daily and parents are welcome to eat with their children. Due to changing laws under which our cafeteria operates, as well as changing costs from suppliers, our prices are subject to change.

You can see the current prices, as well as the monthly menu, on our School Menus page.

How can I purchase meals from the cafeteria for my child?

Parents may make deposits into their child's account in several ways:

- Send cash or a check (with driver's license number, telephone number, and address) payable to Page School Cafeteria, and put it in an envelope with the student's and teacher's name.
- Visit the cafeteria any morning before 11:00 to deposit funds.
- Visit www.pay4lunch.com to deposit funds via the Internet.

Students are allowed to charge lunches when they forget their lunch or lunch money. However, after three unpaid charges have accumulated, further charges will not be allowed.

Are there specific cafeteria rules my child should follow?

While in the cafeteria, all of our students follow the Desert View Expectations. During lunch time, they sit in their assigned area, talk quietly, and clean up after themselves. They are also not allowed to eat from another student's tray, share food, or remove food from the cafeteria.
I would like to schedule a conference with my child's teacher. How do I do that?

Please feel free to request a conference with your child's teacher at anytime. There are two scheduled Parent/Teacher conferences throughout the year (just check the school calendar). At those conferences, the teacher and parent will discuss your student?s progress and set future goals.
What is Desert View Intermediate School's attitude about homework for my student?

There is an African proverb that states, It takes a whole village to educate a child. Because we know that the responsibility for educating children is a shared responsibility of the home and school, we recognize the value of homework in your child's academic success. Homework assignments are designed to: provide practice of skills and concepts introduced in class, strengthen basic skills, stimulate and further personal interest, develop independent study skills and responsibility, and keep parents aware of their child's curriculum and academic progress. Talk to your child's teacher about specific classroom homework expectations.
If my child is absent, how much time will he/she have to make up the work they missed?

Students have as many days to make up work for excused absences as the number of days absent. (Worked missed during an unexcused absence is not allowed to be made up.)
What immunizations does my child need in order to attend Desert View?

Students attending public school in Arizona must have the following on file before the child can be admitted to school.

A history of immunization, including the month, date, and year of immunization for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, (whooping cough) polio, measles, and rubella.
Compliance statement, signed by the child's parents or guardian.
For detailed registration and immunization information, visit the district immunization page.
My child lost an article of clothing at school. How are lost and found items handled?

Articles found in and around the school are turned into the office where the owners may claim them by properly identifying the article. Many items go unclaimed throughout the school year. If at anytime a parent wishes to check for a "lost" item, please feel free to come to the building office and ask about the "Lost and Found" cabinet.
My child needs to take medication during school hours. How can I arrange that he/she receive it?

If your child needs to take medication at school, please contact the office for the proper form. If it is necessary, the school nurse or secretary will administer oral and topical medications with parental consent and if the medication is properly labeled. If it is imperative that the medication be given during school hours, please have your child bring the properly labeled medication (must include date, child's name, name of medication, amount of medication, and the time that it is to be taken) to the school office. However, medication that can be administered before or after school is better kept at home.